Adam's Brain


I'm Adam, and this is a prepresentation of part of my mind. And I think through them, you can find all these scattered thoughts represent [[My Beliefs]] one way or another.

Things here are not artificially organised like traditional articles/books (doesn't mean I don't have [[writings]]), but rather, they are linked, so you can follow any direction you want. Which means, the way you follow the links is just like you're walking around in my mental jungle, while these are my thoughts, but you might be the first one to go down a route that nobody has followed before (including me).

I love this idea of having my thoughts connected like nodes, instead of having to be formatted in article format.

I generally categorise my thoughts into couple of parts:

... And more will be added.

Where you can find me:

If you think this note resonated, be it positive or negative, send me a direct message on Twitter or an email and we can talk.