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The Future Of My Life

The Future Of My Life

As I'm writing this (20201202), I've been back in China from Australia for 2 years already.

My view on the future of my life has changed from what I wanted when I was back in Australia, where I spent almost 4 years there, the part of the world I'd loved every single second I spent in.

My eyes started to open to understand more of the world not long after I arrive in Melbourne, since I started reading English books (Does it mean I was small minded before Australia? Yes! I'd say, but that's for another day). This new love for English books, and these damn good books that I got my hands on, gave me a weird prespective: If you can understand everything through books, why the hell would you want to spend all the effort and money and time to travel the world to open your eyes? Because You can open your eyes right here in your bedroom (Actually it was also because, after I talked to many people who'd gone to the countries I've dreamed to visit, I didn't get any insights and stories that could top what I learned from books).

At the beginning of my life in Australia I discovered Entrepreneurship, as well as the "Success Formulas" on YouTube & Instagram created by these self-claimed "gurus". I thought I wanted a big house, a mansion, some expensive cars, and I believed Business is the key to a happy, fulfilled life, because you've got to have your own business to be able to afford all these materialistic things. Conor McGregor made me believe that dreams are important, hard work pays, and it's you against the world so you need to have superbe energy, and also, Rolls-Royce is what anybody who's "made it" should be rocking in.

Then after a year or so, I don't remember the reason, houses & cars became stupid in my eyes, regardless how fancy they are and how much they cost, and my mentality shifted to preferring Happiness & Freedom over anything else, because I realised:

If you're stuck, even a well decorated castle can become a prison, and even a Bugatti wouldn't take you anywhere. But if you're free, having your basic needs taken care of would be completely enough.

I also realised, it's not you against the world. It's actually: You Contributing To The World, And The World Returns Your Favour.

I don't know what was the moment that my mentality shifted, just like I don't remember many other dates that other people think are important, that everyone should remember.

I still believed that Business Is The Key!, but I started to see money differently. I realised that money is energy, it flows. I realised that the best part of having lots of money, is that you can do whatever the fuck you want, instead of only do what people think rich people should do. I don't want to buy expensive things anymore, but I started seeking meaning, and experiences.

Business is not only The Key to make money, but it fundamentally is The Key to build a better world. Of course there are countless businesses fucked up the world in a big way, and they are continuing to do so for their own profits, there's no doubt about it, MONEY brings the worst out of people. But to win a war against heavily armed enemies, simply asking them to drop their weapons would never work. You need to have something better that you can fight them with. And here, at this moment, I believe that "something better" is profitable businesses with good intensions.

So I started searching for something else, something that when it comes into my awareness, I'd be: This Is It! This Is The Life That Suits Me!

I don't know why, I never rushed this process. From the very beginning, I was taking my time, unlike my approach to everything else (when I hit the gym--which was something I used to do--I wanted to have the "perfect body" from the very beginning, when I was writing code, I was never in peace if I didn't finish certain tasks that I planned to finish, sometimes that meant the entire project... You get the idea). I wasn't even conscious about not rushing, I just didn't, and I realised it in retrospect afterwards.

My life back in China has been an accelerator that pushes me to find the right future for myself, I've always believed this. The apartments I lived in, never made me felt that I belong in them, while others liked them and are doing their best to buy a "house" that belongs to them. The "dream homes" in other people's eyes, all looked like prisons to me.

New developments of buildings and infrustractures are everywhere in China, I've never thought of it as progress. When you walk around majority of the cities and see all the buildings were built like legos houses using the same formulas in recent years and don't have any cultural history and probably will be torn down not long after because maybe some new buildings need to take place in its current location, when the little park in front of your window which presents the little precious green that you can find in these gray & polluted Chinese cities was torn down over night and constructions took place right away without giving you any sign or notice but only constant noise day & night 24/7, when you just cleaned your apartment and you can visibly see that dust would start piling on all the furniture & floors again on the very next day, when you see 95% of the people always fix their eyes on their phones without any facial expression like they are glued to some brain sucking machines everytime you get on the subway or even walking on the street, when every time you go to a restaurant you can always spot at least a table of people never talk but only looking at their phones sitting right in front of each other during the ENTIRE meal, it's hard to enjoy life here.

I didn't like everything back in Australia, nowhere & nothing is prefect. I hated all the new houses in most Australian suburbs I've been to because they just looked cheap and ugly and you could see whoever built it only wanted money, but the sky was still blue almost everyday, and nature is extremely accessible. I hated the people who did their jobs only for money without caring for others, but strangers would always smile at you and say "Good Morning" to you on the streets.

I went to Thailand for a week for vacation with my girlfriend after I quit my job in China in Aug, 2019, I LOVED it. Months before the trip I became aware of "digital nomading", which is a lifestyle that you build online businesses and travel full-time, since the internet doesn't have geolocation restrictions, you can mind your own business from anywhere, as long as you have decent internet. I believed this is what I wanted, having income and WAY LESS restrictions, and I can code pretty good. I planned to go to Thailand and build a internet business, and see what happens afterwards. I've got money saved that would've covered my living expenses for more than a year. And then things happened, and I stay here in China.

While I was getting to know more about digital nomading while staying in China, while I still believed you should be free both mentally & physically, I discovered the Boat Life.

What A Fucking Great Idea!!!!

You can travel the world, and no matter where you go, you can still have your home with you?? And you can go to places that less than 0.000001% of the global population have visited? Are You Fucking Kidding ME??

I'll write about my boat life plan later someday, I'm tired of writing now. Going out for some polluted & dusty "fresh air".


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