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The Power Game Is Stupid

The Power Game Is Stupid

I love the show Billions, the story is so great that I binge watched pretty much every season.

But here's the thing, even I loved the story, doesn't mean that I think that there's much value to the fact Bobby Axelrod & Chuck Rhoades are always fucking with each other just because they are in the habit of winning and whatever each of them did, bred hatreat towards each other. (Btw did the writer named them to sound like kids intentionally? Cause they really do. I can really imagine their moms saying, "Bobby, eat your veggies!" or, "Chuck, don't be naughty!" (Chuck turned out to be way naughtier in the bedroom that what his mom would have ever imagined))

Because they are not providing much value to the society besides their own gains, to satisfy their own egos. That's why this story is so dark, it's the nature of the power games: it's not about providing value, it's not about people competing by providing better or more value to the society, but rather, it's about competing by diminishing each other's ability to create more value, so that you won't be able to provide enough value and this would allow me to be at a better position than you.

Everything improves on having the right elements in place and not having the wrong elements (the right elements are the things that would contribute to making things work, vice versa, wrong elements would , for instance, drinking enough pure water everyday would make you healthy, but drinking the same amount salt water everyday can kill you, while you are having the same amount of water, you are having too much salt). This everything can be society, humanity, the global environment, your happiness... everything. And value means having enough of the right elements, and having less wrong elements.

And the best way to increase the amount of right elements as well as decrease the amount of wrong elements in society is actually through good capitalism (I'm not talking about the kind of capitalism that the rich spend money making sure they benefit from policies that are in their favour, this, is the power game), through the accumulation of capital for the good. Bill Gates is doing it, Elon Musk is doing it (just to mention 2 big names), and it's been working great.

Just to use these 2 as an example, without their journey of starting companies, they wouldn't be able to accumulate this much money. Now, what are they value they've created for the world? Here are some that I can think of right now:

  1. The world went into a mad acceleration period in terms of productivity and innovation after Microsoft started making billions by creating the Windows system and made it cheap enough that the average people could afford it (I prefer Linux over Windows myself, but it doesn't mean it didn't change the world).

    Bill Gates made billions from it. He made his fortune through providing value, the value is allowing others to build better things, and things that most people weren't even able to imagine by using this tool called Windows.

    And because people were motivated by what this tool can do for them, they willingly gave their hard earned money to Microsoft, that's how Microsoft was able to make billions in a short amount of time.

    What if Microsoft didn't spend their money on creating a world changing product but instead they just hire bunch of people to rob people? Well, just look at what did the New York mafia contribute to the society back then, nothing. The world didn't improve a damn bit because of their existance.

    And what is Bill Gates doing now? His spending his wealth, time & effort on solving much bigger problems that no government could solve or willing to solve, otherwise these problems should've been treated to certain extent.

    And Elon Musk is similar, his way of enjoying his wealth is definitely nothing like popular singers, but something could potentially benefit most of us, and if he succeeds, we wouldn't notice a damn thing.

  2. The world is becoming a better place because of what they do.

    Bill Gates warned us about 5 years before COVID-19 hit, because he has the kind of money to fund the research, and the kind of awareness to think about the kind of things that weren't intersting to most people, as well as the kind of understanding of how the world works. Not only didn't we listen, there were conspiracy theories came out against his efforts.

    Elon is the same, the scope of the things he thinks about is completely different than most people. Most people weren't even aware of that we can become an interplanetary species, he's doing it. We are still debating whether climate change is real (IT FUCKING IS!!!), he's taking on the huge problems with Tesla and so far it's been really great. And he's not stoping there.

    And did he make all his money by telling people, "Hey, you should by my cars, because climate change is real and I have the solution, if you don't buy my cars then you're a piece of shit!" No he didn't, but instead, he makes cars FUN, COOL, REALIABLE, FAST, and CAPABLE OF DOING WAY MORE THINGS THAN OTHER CARS. And he's not making it affordable for most people.

We'd be better off with less people playing the power game, but shift their focus on innovating, and competing by doing things differently. Of course people will always play the power game, but if you want to expand the horizon of your life, your mind, and your spirit, you won't get there by bringing other people down, because the power game by its nature is extremely limited, just like all sports. But the world is so big beyond most people's comprehension, and we still know very little of the universe, and we don't really know what we don't know, it's really is much better to be creating than competing.

Another very good example that proves the fact the Creation Game is much better than the Power game, is the very creator of the show Billions, Brian Koppelman, didn't succeed by bringing someone else down, but rather, by creating the show. Even tho he struggled, but he still chose to create and provide value instead of compete and destroy value.


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