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The Univers Is Extremely Vast

The Univers Is Extremely Vast

The Universe is too vast that it encompasses incredibly small like atoms (which forms planets and stars) and the unbelievably gigantic objects (stars, planets, comets), as well as systems/regions of objects (superclusters, black holes, galaxies).

And not only the distances between these objects are beyond our comprehension that we need to use different units of measurement (i.e. astronomical units, light years) other than the ones used on earth.

Temperatures range from near Aabsolute Zero to millions of degrees in the interiors of stars.

Objects with the size of a sugar cube in the universe can also have mass of 100 million tonnes.

The universe contains billions of galaxies, while each of these galaxies contain hundreds of millions of stars and trillions of planets. And the universe is still extremely empty, it's such a vacuum that it only has 5.9 protons per cubic meter on average (including dark energy and dark matter).

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