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It's funny that as human beings, we always underestimate the complexity of the world, as well as our own thoughts, these intangible things stored in our brains.

That's why the traditional way of note taking, or writing, is not good enough for recording our thoughts, no matter how well organised the documents are.

Thoughts are always something cross multiple magnitudes, so in order to record out thoughts, it's not enough to simply put whatever you are thinking about right now or at any given moment down on a piece of paper (or in a single document) and put it into a folder, it's very limiting. A better way to organise documents is actually to tag them, instead of putting them into different folders. It's (a little bit) better than folders, but still confusing.

The best way to record & represent thoughts is actually to have a way to link them, and computers are the best tool (the only tool right now imo) to do this job. These notes here are the best example. There's no long documents anymore, but rather, they are small snippets, but linked together. They are legitimately "trains of thoughts", it's such a beautiful thing.

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