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Why "My Brain" Is The Best Option I've Found So Far

Why "My Brain" Is The Best Option I've Found So Far

The world is complicated, there are tons of ideas require good amount of information to explain, and traditional documents are limited to one linear format to stay relevant to it's topic, and to explore any other ideas the document mentions, it takes the reader good amount of time & effort to do so.

Not only that, linearity is an idea most people subscribe to, and it's carved into their hard very deep, that most people treat most things as linear, and linearity makes things seem simple.

But most things in the world act the opposite, they are complicated, and the growth and deterioration of things generally act in a dynamic or exponential way, rather than in a linear way.

And a human brain is just as complicated (or you can call it "messy"), but somehow it is extremely efficient at finding the relative ideas, thoughts, memories we have in our head, and let us use it to react to the real world. That's why our conversation topics at a party can shift to what happened years ago, and that's why we've all had the moment of recalling some ideas we had a while ago because we something we are experiencing at the moment.

And that's why, this network of thoughts is better in a sense, people can follow the directions they want, and engage with whatever information their curiosity takes them. At the end of the day, after reading well structured articles & books, we still don't remember the information in the sequence the books & articles presented, rather, scattered and linked in a new form.

I love this idea of having my thoughts connected like nodes on a web, instead of having to be formatted in article format. But just like everything else, I don't believe this is the best solution, but I'll definitely update it along the way to. Let's see what this would evolve into after some years.

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